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About us

Cinyola is a premier destination for high-quality hair extensions. Since 2016,  Cinyola has provided customers with the best products.

Build trust with the clients strand by strand. We recognize that the way to succeed is to deliver superior products with consistent quality.

Cinyola only selects best raw hair and innovates Standards Operation Procedures. We also build Quality Tracking System that assigns a unique ID to every product. That can ensure every product quality is trackable from raw hair sourcing to shipping.

We take pride in our cuticle protection technology that can keep hair cuticles really full. That is why all our extensions are very healthy even after bleaching and coloring.

By partnering with our clients, we aim to positively impact the lives of women seeking alternative hair solutions for fashion and self-expression.

    Our Motto

    Build trust strand by strand

    In practice, we:

    • only source premium raw virgin hair for our hair extensions
    • believe that quality comes from production, not inspection
    • apply high standards in each phase of the manufacturing process
    • develop techniques to preserve the natural properties of raw hair.

    Our Factory

    Our hair factory is located in a town which is the biggest transaction center of raw virgin hair. This provides us the opportunities to collect the high grade raw virgin hair. The hair factory manager is Jerry who has been working in hair field for 27 years. For his job, there are 2 most important things. One is quality control and another is to keep improving quality. We believe that the quality control starts from purchasing raw hair to final QA inspection. Our R&D always focuses on the new trends of hair extensions. We do hair not only depend on the traditional experience but also depend on new science and technology. This can make our hair extensions more competitive.

    Founder Story

    Founder Jacky Cheng grew up in Anhui, China, one of the largest markets in the world for raw virgin hair. In his early years as an entrepreneur, Jacky established a successful company in Shenzhen that produced electronic home appliances. His business venture would take a different turn in 2014 when he returned to his hometown and ran across Jerry, an old buddy who held a senior position with a large hair replacement factory for 27 years. Jacky saw a business opportunity after learning that the lack of quality consistency had caused mistrust between hair suppliers and their clients. He sold his electronic manufacturing business and started Hola Hair in 2016, now known as Cinyola Hair.


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