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Cinyola Hair Partners


Hair stylists

African ladies have wasted on buying poor quality hair for far too long. We are determined to change this. Our vision is to provide consistent, high-quality hair, enabling them to invest smartly in hair extensions.

We are eager to share our raw hair with a wider audience, and we hope you will join us on this journey. Your honest reviews and creative content would be invaluable as we strive to make a difference in the hair industry.


Hair ambassadors

Any Cinyola girls can be our hair amabssadors. You could be a mom, a student, a model or an influencer. We are inviting you to be an ambassador for Cinyola.

We manufacture top-notch hair using only the best raw hair. We encourage any Cinyola girls to share their Cinyola hair wearing experience.


product experiencers

We highly appreciate it If you would like to be Cinyola product experiencers. Intuitive hair wearing experience is more important than ever.

The experience feedback can increase usage, build loyalty, and improve our hair quality and wearing experience.

How to Join Us

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