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Article: Cinyola Raw Bundles, Favorite of Movie Stars

Cinyola Raw Bundles, Favorite of Movie Stars

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening wherever you are! My name is Tiffany, and I've taken over my husband's office for a good reason. Today, I'm excited to share an unboxing review of Cinyola Hair Company Hair Extensions with you.

As a TV and film makeup artist, I often rock braids, full locs, or throw on a baseball cap because our mornings start early and our days are super long. I don't have the time in the morning to curl or straighten my hair, so I need something quick and easy. But when I do an installation, whether it's a sew-in or a quick weave, you best believe the hair I use is high quality, luxurious, and doesn’t shed or tangle. It leaves everyone in awe.

This is my first time ordering from Cinyola, so let's dive into this review. The hair comes in a cute pink and black velvet bag, labeled as 100% raw virgin hair. You can check their website, TikTok, or social media pages to see videos showcasing their hair selection process.

I ordered the Cinyo wave texture in three different lengths: 22", 24", and 26". The first thing I always do is a smell test because I’ve had experiences with hair that smelled like corn chips, baby doll hair, or even pesticides. But I’m happy to report that these extensions have no scent at all. The softness of the hair is incredible.

For reference, I’m 5'2", and the shortest length, 22", reaches a little past my waist when placed at the nape of my neck. That's quite long for me, but I love it.

Now, let's talk about the bounce. Do you see what I see? The curls are perfect with no strands out of place, no shedding, and no tangling. The luster and shine are impressive. I can’t wait to install this hair. I need something that allows me to just get up, shower, and go, and these extensions are perfect for that.

I also got 24" and 26" bundles for a layered look, minimizing the need for much cutting. I love layers, and once I have these installed or turned into a wig unit, I’ll be back with another review. I’ll share how well the hair colors and how much I love it.

Thank you!

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