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Article: Don't Judge Raw Hair by Its Shape

Don't Judge Raw Hair by Its Shape

In the world of wigs and hair extensions, trends come and go. Right now, there's a lot of talk about switching from round-headed to flat-headed bundles. Some say flat-headed bundles look fuller and are more popular. But is this change really necessary? Jacky, the founder of Cinyola Hair with ten years in the wig industry, shares some insights.

Head Shapes in Hair Bundles

First, let's clear up that the shape of hair bundles—round or flat—is mainly about styling. It shouldn't be the only way to judge if the hair is raw or not. Both shapes have different looks but don't show the quality of the hair.

Misconceptions About Flat-Headed Bundles

A common myth is that flat-headed bundles are always high-quality raw hair. This isn't always true. Sometimes, flat-headed bundles are treated to look like raw hair, even when they aren't. This can make them seem fuller and better quality without being genuine raw hair.

The Real Test: Wearing and Feeling

The best way to check hair quality is by wearing it. Raw hair, whether round-headed or flat-headed, should feel natural, keep its shape, and last a long time.


When picking hair extensions or wigs, don't just go by the head shape. Focus on the hair's overall quality, how it feels, and how it performs.

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