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Article: How to tell real raw hair and fake raw hair

How to tell real raw hair and fake raw hair


Some women like to follow influencers when buying hair, while others base their choices on the appearance of the hair itself. There are even those who mistakenly believe that flat-headed bundles must be raw or high-quality hair. Unfortunately, some vendors take advantage of these habits to sell poor-quality hair, leaving many customers disappointed.

As a raw hair factory owner, Jacky is here to help you distinguish between high-quality genuine raw hair and fake raw hair.

Here are some tips:

1. Color consistency

Genuine Raw Hair:Presents natural shades with slight color variations and looks healthier.
Fake Raw Hair: Uniformly colored, indicating it has been dyed or processed.

2. Bleaching testing (the best testing method)

Genuine Raw Hair: Most genuine raw hair can be bleached to 613 blonde, and most importantly, after bleaching the hair strand remains strong with very minimal shedding.
Fake Raw Hair: Most fake raw hair can only bleached to brown #27, some fake raw hair can be bleached to 613 blonde, but after bleaching, the hair become weak with a lot of shedding.

3. Washing and drying Testing

If washing the hair and then drying the hair several times a day
Genuine Raw Hair: will still keep bouncy and healthy with very minimal shedding and tangling.
Fake Raw Hair: will start shedding and tangling or become frizzy, indicating it has been chemically processed.

4. Wearing

The best test is wearing it.
Genuine raw hair: lasts for years with little to no shedding. It stays healthy and smooth after washing.
Fake raw hair: after weeks of wearing it, it gets frizzy and dry, and starts to shedding.

These tips can help you spot the difference and make better choices.

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