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Article: Transform Cinyola hair to a platinum wig

Transform Cinyola hair to a platinum wig

At Cinyola, we take pride in the superior quality of our raw hair bundles. Our expert hairstylists recently demonstrated the incredible durability and versatility of Cinyola raw hair by transforming three bundles and one frontal piece from their natural color into a stunning platinum blonde wig. Here’s a step-by-step look at how this remarkable transformation is achieved.

Step 1: First Bleach to Lighten the Hair

The process begins with bleaching the raw hair bundles to a lighter shade. Only high-quality hair can endure rapid bleaching without significant shedding. Cinyola raw hair showcases its strength and resilience during this initial step, maintaining its integrity throughout the process.

Step 2: Second Bleach to Achieve 613 Blonde

In the next phase, the hair undergoes a second round of bleaching to reach the 613 blonde shade. Even after this intensive process, Cinyola raw hair remains healthy and exhibits minimal breakage. This step highlights the exceptional bleaching performance and superior quality of our raw hair, as it retains its vitality and strength.

Step 3: Creating the 613 blonde Wig from bundles and frontal

Once the bundles and frontal piece have reached the desired 613 blonde color, they are skillfully assembled into a wig. This intermediate step sets the stage for the final transformation into the platinum blonde shade.

Step 4: Dyeing the Wig to Platinum Blonde

The final step involves dyeing the assembled wig to achieve the perfect platinum blonde hue. The result is a vibrant, eye-catching wig that underscores the unmatched quality of Cinyola raw hair.

This meticulous process not only transforms the hair into a striking platinum blonde wig but also demonstrates the exceptional quality and durability of Cinyola raw hair. From natural color to platinum blonde, our hair retains its health and beauty, making it a top choice for anyone seeking premium hair extensions. Experience the difference with Cinyola raw hair – a testament to excellence in hair care and styling.

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